Born Chicago, Ill 1978
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

University of Texas, Austin B.S. 2001
Texas A&M University, Ph.D. 2005
Yale University, Postdoctoral Appointment 2005-2008


Rodrigo Valles is a, NYC-based, self-taught artist. He taught himself to oil paint around the age of 26. His earliest artistic passion was a fascination with graffiti as a teen. Painting is not his only profession, though it is his passion.

Rodrigo has a Ph.D. in behavioral pharmacology and currently works as the Associate Director for a large health and research center at Hunter College. He is of Mexican heritage and spent his early years in Dallas, Texas. Art only took root during his high school years when he committed himself to learning about the graffiti on the streets of Dallas. His focus then shifted to his undergraduate and graduate education until he moved with his wife to the West Indies in 2005.

With free time for the first time in over 8 years, he taught himself to paint. Rodrigo then developed his signature style over several years. To date, his work has been exhibited in notable art fairs during Art Basel Miami, galleries in New York City and along side renowned contemporary artists.

In 2014 Rodrigo developed and taught an undergraduate class for Hunter College that explored the neurological, psychological and sociological underpinnings of creativity. The syllabus developed for the class was very novel at the time and drew heavily from the emerging field of neuroaesthetics.

Rodrigo quickly expanded his network of collectors, artists, academics, gallerists and curators. He then decided to leverage these contacts and begin curating contemporary art shows both alone and with noted curators.

In 2017 Rodrigo joined Inez Suen International Art Consulting as a partner. Together, they are building on their shared interests and extensive networks. Their joint venture provides comprehensive art services for collectors, artists and businesses. 


Rodrigo’s works draw upon his life and experiences as a Mexican American, his love of the weathered urban patina and his love of nature. His backgrounds and abstracts are homages to visual layers created by time and decay in urban settings. His figurative heroes are references to his youth as a first generation Mexican American growing up in the Southwest. They pay tribute to the working class by way of pop icons and cultural references. Rodrigo aims to give you an excerpt of his life and perspective by way of reinterprested but recognizable visual imagery.